Trollsafari in Trollstigen

Trollsafari in Trollstigen

Duration: 4 hours / Difficulty: Easy

Would you like to go looking for the Trollstigen Troll?

We are taking you on a fairytale journey through a spectacular nature, steep mountain sides and powerful waterfalls. On this trip you visit Trollstigen and Trollveggen – the home of the trolls! Watch out – they can be found everywhere and in every shape and size…

The troll tour starts with the film “Trollfolk” inside Norsk Tindesenter (Norwegian Mountaineering Center), and this will bring you in the right mood. The fairytale has just started, and the bus is waiting outside to take you up in the mountains. Keep your cameras ready. We start with driving up the famous Trollstigen road. On top we can enjoy the magnificent view from the viewpoints and the walkways.

Now, are you ready for a very special troll-experience? Take a seat and we drive down the Trollstigen road. We start looking for one of the forest trolls in the fairytale forest at the foot of Trollstigen. This troll is the only one that can walk outside in the sunshine without turning into solid rock.. They are masters of hiding between trees, rocks and bushes, and they can smell humans from far away. These trolls have adapted to the sun and are somewhat human like, but they still have troll instincts. The troll we are looking for is a bit shy, but friendly to humans. Look behind stones and bushes and you might just see one of them.

The tour includes:
  • Transport with bus
  • The film inside Norsk Tindesenter
  • Visit at the famous Norwegian highlights; Trollstigen and Trollveggen
  • Meet the troll
  • The film experience inside Trollveggen Visitor Center

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