Zip lines and climbing fun at Ville Verma

Zip lines and climbing fun at Ville Verma

Duration: 4 hours / Difficulty: Moderate

A thrilling adventure in Romsdalen

Ville Verma Height Experiences includes Zip-lines and climbing fun in a spectacular environment in Romsdalen valley. This thrilling adventure makes the adrenaline pump. The activity suits anyone with an average fit. Challenge yourself in the zip-lines and the climbing net over the rushing Rauma river. The length of the ziplines are 30, 60 and 200 metres. The guide is personable and passionate in giving the guests the best experience, and the focus on safety issues make this to a safe and fun adventure. 

You get a unique height adventure, and close to nature-experience you can hardly get anywhere else. The feeling of beeing one with nature when crossing the wild Rauma river several times is just magic.

The location is amazing. A dense vegetation, a mix of old and new trees and moss covered rocks that have fallen down from the surrounding mountains in the past. The water tumbles down the mountain sides into the fast-flowing Rauma river. It is beyond magic.

Practical information

  • The tickets can be purchased online at this web page.
  • Meet up at location. 
  • All the gear you need for this activity you borrow from us. Included is also a light lunch break by the bonfire.
  • This activity is suitable for the average fit people, more than 10 years old. Health considerations may prevent you from participating. Please read the information on our webpage carefully.
  • Duration time: 4 hours
  • Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers. Rubbed gloves for better grip is recommended. 
  • Bring a day pack with warm clothes and a windstopper jacket.

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